See what we can do with your device!

Software installation

We can install, analyse and repair all kinds of problems. We are happy to discuss your requirements and, if needed, we can offer a training session.

From: €15,00

Boost up your system

Boosting and upgrades will speed up a slow machine. If necessary , we can upgrade your system to gain lightning speed, performance and more.

From: €20,00

Hardware repair

We perform repairs for every kind of device, including phones, tablets, computers, notebooks and screens. We repair under a No Cure - No Pay basis.

From: €25,00

Data/Device Recovery

We can help you to recover your lost data (photos, files etc). The best chance of successful recovery occurs when we receive the media immediately.

In consulation

Analyse, Advice and Consulting

For larger projects or if you need something special, we can help you to achieve this as soon as possible. Please phone or email.

In consulation

We started our company to help customers and companies with their IT problems. Most of them paying for services that doesn't resolve any kind of problem. We are here to help you and if we cannot resolve the problem you don't pay anything.

No Cure = No Pay!

- Theo van Gent

3 main reasons explaining
why to choose us

Call or mail us to fix your machine as soon as possible! *

*We only work in Amsterdam, Amstelveen and Diemen!*

Pick Up and Delivery

Send us to pick up and deliver your device or bring it to us. We'll get it done quickly and carefully.

Ask us to collect and deliver your device or bring it to us. We'll get it done quickly and carefully. We will start as soon as possible with your device to resolve the problem. We always start by analysing the situation so we can move on to a competent solution. When it is finished we will always perform a few tests to ensure that everything is in good order..

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